I think this word itself deserves a page. Why ? Because what is important is not what could be the Metaverse but more how we see it. Let’s be clear. If you look for Metaverse in Wikipedia for example, you would probably react like this “Oh, ok, that’s just a way to call a virtual world”. And that’s a consistent way to react :)

Nevertheless, that’s not my point to describe how the technologies drive us to Neal Stephenson’s Metaverse. Let’s see the world differently, as this is the case in Snow Crash, there is not a well-delimited boundary between the real life and the Metaverse (and consequently, that’s more difficult to distinguish both). Today, people argue that they are able to distinguish both, their private life and their virtual life. But is it so true ? Do we really behave differently ? Are they closed environments ? I’m not that sure…

Je ne sais si cela vous aide à comprendre ce que j’entends par Métavers, cette infime (?) limite entre la vie réelle telle que nous pensons encore la connaître et ces ponts que chaque jour nous construisons vers non pas simplement les mondes virtuels mais tout bonnement le prolongement de nous-même sur le réseau.

Ceci n’est qu’un terminal public vers le Métavers, bon voyage…


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